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Estimaciones Diez Free is a tool that will help you calculate the performance of the activities related to the Simplified Direct Estimation and in the Objective Signs, Tax Indexes and Modules related to the Income of Physical Persons, and in order to calculate the fees derived from the General Regimen of the Added Value after Taxes.

You can use this application to help complete the tasks undertaken by as many businesses as you want. Additionally, you can undertakes as many activities as you want with each of them.

This program calculates and prints the models each trimester for each member of the company, always considering each partner's respective participation in the business (including any partner's contribution to any other business entity). This doesn't affect the calculation and drawing up of corresponding IVA models for the business' own entity.

Some of the other more interesting features of Estimaciones Diez Free are the calculation of repayments by permanent active members, the calculation of different stocks to figure out the result of consumed purchases, and the composition of drafts and their ability to be sent by email.

Estimaciones Diez Free additionaly has a common database for the entire company which is split into the sections "Clients", "Providers", "Expense Groups", and "Income Groups."

Repository: ppa:michael-astrapi/ppa
Architecture: i386


Maximum of 300 annual entries

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